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January 16, 2010
New Year Starts Great !

Dive_lady1.jpgNow that we’re into January, have you been into the waters yet? Awesome viz has returned. Outside the harbor, we’re seeing minimum 18-20meters (60-70ft) every day. And not sure, but is it possible that the waters can get any warmer? I can attest that at 200’+ (60m+), the temperatures are still in the 80’s (29celcius).

The boat schedule is on the website !!
Check out the schedule for the second half of January. And join us.

Equipment Care - -
Not sure how you do it, but we’ve seen lots of divers who at the end of the dive trip, use the high pressure air from the tank in an attempt to dry the 1st stage intake. Actually, this is the wrong thing to do. And unfortunately, there are some instructors out there who teach it this way. Using high pressure air to ‘dry’ the intake can actually drive residual ocean water into the inner chamber of the first stage, and then the salt begins to corrode the inside of the regulator. Additionally, using high pressure air can actually be harmful to the hearing of anyone around.

The proper steps for stowing your regulator are these: 1. Use a dry cloth (towel) to wipe dry the first stage intake orifice. 2. Use the dry cloth to dry off the dust/moisture cover. 3. Place the dust/moisture cover into position and tighten down, finger tight. 4. Gently coil your regulator’s hoses, so that there are no severe bends or kinks. 5. Stow in your gear bag in such a way as to protect the regulator from external impact.

Looking for when’s the best time to dive? Tide Charts for 2010 are here :-)
We have free tide charts in our downtown dive center across from ACE Hardware. Quite nice they are the regular wall calendar style, with the tides graphically illustrated for every day of each month. So stop by have a chat, and pick one up.

Want to join the Elite of diving ? Becoming an Instructor ?
We’ve got three different scheduled formats available to meet your needs. The first option is a four consecutive weekend schedule. The second option is two long weekends: 4 day weekend (Thur-Sun) and a 3 day weekend (Fri-Sun). The third option is an intensive 7 day program: Mon-Sun.

The dates for the three options are:
4 Consecutive Weekends: March 6th-7th, March 13th-14th, March 20th-21st, March 27th-28th.
2 Long Weekends: March 11th – 14th (Thursday-Sunday), and March 26th-28th (Fri-Sunday)
1 Week Intensive: March 22nd - March 28th (Monday – Sunday)
The Instructor Examination is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, March 31st, and April 1st.

These three options include the complete 2010 Instructor Development Curriculum. Also, included in the schedule is the EFR Instructor course. Prior to the Instructor Examination, on Monday and Tuesday March 29th-30th we will be offering specialty instructor training, for candidates who want to begin offering specialties straight away.

We’re here for you, every day of the year -
So give us a call at GTDS, we can not only take you out diving on any day of the year, we can offer you the certification course you need, any day of the year too.